Monday, January 03, 2011

Thou shalt try to be awesome!

Gretchen Rubin has a list of commandments she used in her book titled "The Happiness Project". Since it's the start of the new year, I thought I could post my own set of 'commandments' that I had come up with while I was reading the book. I thought that having it posted in a blog would make it somewhat 'official', and hence may increase the probability of me actually adopting them as time and years go by.

Here they go (not in any particular order):
  • Don't procrastinate, do it NOW!
  • Be yourself
  • Savor the present
  • Its OK to make mistakes
  • Remember that you're as good as everyone else but don't think you're better than the rest at the same time
  • Let it go
  • If possible multitask or else prioritize
  • There's nothing wrong with being childish but do remain mature
  • Stay alert
  • Give change some time
  • Go out of your comfort zone
  • Do the right thing

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