Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great Scott!

I think I may have found someone who follows my blog (other than the 2 people who I force to read it). It just so happened that I was enjoying my daily dose of Scott Adams' "The Dilbert Blog", that I found the underlying principle behind this particular post very familiar.


My regular readers would note that only recently did I mention the discriminating nature of how memories are created. What are the chances that Scott would mention the "selective memory phenomenon" only 2 days after my post? If there's anything I've learnt after watching countless hours of "Lost", its that most coincidences have greater logical explanations behind them. A few things come to mind.

1. Scott is feeding off from material on the net. The least exciting of my interpretations, since Scott actually does comment on material from elsewhere.

2. Scott and I think alike. I would like to think so, since we both have a great sense of humor.

3. I took the material off some earlier post of "The Dilbert Blog". Quite possible but highly unlikely, since I take great pride in my creativity and would only do so as a result of some subliminal impression that was made whilst reading the blog.

4. Scott is a big fan of my writing and more specifically my blog. This appears to be the most believable explanation. It would only add to the list of my ever growing fan base that already includes Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.

So Scott, whatever the reasons are behind the timing and similarity of the concept behind our posts, what I can say for sure is that great minds do think alike... (I'm not sure if this increases my credentials or decreases yours!)