Sunday, June 08, 2008

Goodbye Hello!

Have you noticed how "good night" is never used as a greeting, but always as a send off. The opposite applies to "good evening". I've started to question the very logic behind this. If it were up to me, I'd like to say "good morning" when I'm leaving and "good night" when I meet some one. I don't see how that can be wrong.

And have you heard anyone say "Good noon" when its midday? Didn't think so. It's always "Good afternoon" no matter what time it is. I'd like to straighten that out too.

This is one of the few things that has always bothered me since my childhood. You can see how difficult it is even now to understand what the system is, so try imagining a 7 year old making an effort to figure out the logic of what to say when. I think I can now trace back some remnants of my unbalanced mental state to earlier stages of my intellectual development. Now that still isn't a good sign! (I don't think I win either way)

"I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello" - Hello Goodbye, The Beatles

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great Scott!

I think I may have found someone who follows my blog (other than the 2 people who I force to read it). It just so happened that I was enjoying my daily dose of Scott Adams' "The Dilbert Blog", that I found the underlying principle behind this particular post very familiar.

My regular readers would note that only recently did I mention the discriminating nature of how memories are created. What are the chances that Scott would mention the "selective memory phenomenon" only 2 days after my post? If there's anything I've learnt after watching countless hours of "Lost", its that most coincidences have greater logical explanations behind them. A few things come to mind.

1. Scott is feeding off from material on the net. The least exciting of my interpretations, since Scott actually does comment on material from elsewhere.

2. Scott and I think alike. I would like to think so, since we both have a great sense of humor.

3. I took the material off some earlier post of "The Dilbert Blog". Quite possible but highly unlikely, since I take great pride in my creativity and would only do so as a result of some subliminal impression that was made whilst reading the blog.

4. Scott is a big fan of my writing and more specifically my blog. This appears to be the most believable explanation. It would only add to the list of my ever growing fan base that already includes Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.

So Scott, whatever the reasons are behind the timing and similarity of the concept behind our posts, what I can say for sure is that great minds do think alike... (I'm not sure if this increases my credentials or decreases yours!)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Why did Superman Return?

Caveat to the reader: If you haven't seen "Superman Returns" you may want to avoid reading any further as this post contains content that may "spoil" your movie, in the event that you choose to see it in the future.

I have always loved Superman. As a superhero fan, I've found his character very interesting. Unlike most superheroes, Superman's alter ego is an ordinary, hard working citizen, Clark Kent, who's trying his best to make a living. In most cases the situation is the other way round, with the alter ego usually being the superhero. Also, Superman has an amazing variety of superpowers at his disposal, and more importantly, has a potentially deadly weakness that creates a fine balance.

But most significantly, Superman is considered to be a leader, someone who takes control of things and is unfazed by difficult and seemingly disastrous situations. His moral uprightness and ability to sustain himself beyond human levels of emotion makes him even more special.

So you can understand why I'm disappointed with "Superman Returns". Superman does not only appear to be emotionally weak in this movie, he is shown to have made moral misjudgments and some unwise decisions over time. To be more specific, he tries to wreck a perfectly happy family and is shown to have an illegitimate child. Also, between Louis Lane and him, Louis is the one that has the moral uprightness to say "no" to Superman's rather open advancements. Followers of Superman comics and cartoons would note that it was rather Louis Lane who used to openly pursue Superman, with Superman being the one who used to play it cool.

Also, Louis Lane's personality in the movie does not match the character itself. Louis Lane is supposed to be annoying, stubborn, confident, big mouthed and usually gets her own way, whereas in the movie she's quiet, dreamy, very emotional and really not that irritating. I think making her a mom has changed most of her personality.

But, overall, the movie itself wasn't terrible. However, I expected more coming from the Superman franchise.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Searching for a gift can be an interesting exercise at times, even though on most occasions you may end up with the same old boring thing that you usually get when you run out of ideas. On the other hand, the whole process can provide you with a list of things that you'd want for yourself.

Only a few days back, I went on a gift hunt for my dad. From past experience, I knew perfumes and aftershaves wouldn't really excite him. My previous gift, an Ipod, was a great success and from that I took the lead on getting some electronic gizmo. I started searching the internet and came up with some great things... things that I plan on getting for myself someday!

1. Radio Controlled Airwolf
Ok, to be honest I've had this idea for quite a while now. However, I did try to look for a smaller and less expensive substitute that I thought my dad could enjoy indoors.

Well this thing has everything you can think of. From retractable wheels to a wireless color camera... all you need is the Airwolf theme song playing in the background (which you can also take care of by using the mp3 player that is built in the wireless camera monitor).

Damn... now that I've checked my saved link, they've scrapped the wireless camera from the package. However, its still mega cool.

2. Air guitar
I've been trying to learn the real thing for such a long time that now I think this baby could be used as a nifty alternative without causing much sweat. Pretty cool idea, especially if you frequently air guitar yourself.

3. The Office Memorabilia
I love the series and absolutely adore the memorabilia available on the NBC website. The bobbleheads and a crazy award would be a good addition to my rather dull workspace.

4. Sky car
Ok, I may be getting a bit carried away here, but who wouldn't want to own this fine flying car, that can seat 4 people and can make you look like one of those eccentric billionaires.

5. Lego city
No, lego is not for kids. It says "Ages 6+" on most of its products, which means I can play with 'em too. And not only will I play with them, I'll build myself a city one day that will include a lego airport, a police station, an Eiffel Tower, a hospital and many, many other cool things.

Of course, this isn't an exhausted list. But I thought if anybody out there is looking to get me a 'thoughtful' present, you should now have a fair idea on what to get. (BTW, my birthday's on the 22nd of November, but gifts are welcome throughout the year!)

P.S. I thought I'd add this one last thing before I go... just discovered it while browsing online

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Its time to go "Back To The Present"!

Memories can be deceiving. What can provide more evidence of this than my very own blog. Some of my frequent readers (I'm counting one) may recall two of my earlier posts, "Let there not be light!" and "My Time Machine". One of the posts was about how I used to enjoy solitude during the 1 hour loadsheddings of yesteryear. Well, loadsheddings have increased to 4 times a day now and I don't seem to enjoy it one bit.

Similarly, the other post was about an enjoyable one-off family picnic we had a few years back. Well, I tried to recreate the same picnic this December by attempting to find the same picnic spot. I even played the same song (Telegraph Road) on our way back. However, nothing magical happened. Not that I'm saying I didn't have fun, but it wasn't exactly how I imagined it would be.

Maybe its because things have changed since these events actually happened. Or, maybe, its because I have changed as time has gone by. I would think that its a combination of the two. Plus, I think, our memories sometimes magnify one pole of the emotions that we go through. Like for instance, if you fancied some person at some point in time, your memories of the things that you were fond of would supersede the little things that bothered you about the person.

Also, I think I was too busy trying to relive my old memories instead of maybe focusing on making new ones. It just goes to show that I've either been living in the past, or worrying too much about the future. Maybe I should just concentrate on the 'now' instead of the 'befores' and 'afters'.

I guess that means my soundtrack of happiness is on shuffle from now on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It was nice talking to me

There are times when you have little to do and there's no one on your messenger list. Lucky for me, there's always someone on my list, mainly because I've added myself on Yahoo. Here's a snapshot of what my Yahoo Messenger usually looks like.

This only makes for interesting conversation, since we have so much in common. This is how our conversations usually go about.

This, though, can get a bit boring and at times somewhat heated, since we have the same likes and dislikes which can therefore cause a conflict of interest when it comes to women. But since both of us have a great sense of humor, it usually is great fun and things generally seem to work out.