Thursday, July 19, 2007

To walk the walk…

I can’t help but notice how other people walk. I even took the liberty of categorizing the different styles people fall in.

1. The G.I. Joe walk

People who fall in this group are those who have watched too many war movies over the years and try to make up for their desire to be in the army by a spirited display of military style walking.

2. The windshield wiper

The peculiar movement of the arms is what makes this walk so special. Instead of the to and fro motion that the normal human is used to, we have a coordinated pendulum like horizontal movement of the arms, synchronized to the thousandth of a second, and giving an uncanny resemblance to the windshield wipers of an ocean liner.

3. The “hey, look I’m gay!” walk

People with this walk tend to perform a skip-hop every now and then while excessively using their wrists to move their hands along with the movement of their arms. Sometimes the head also moves rhythmically with the arms and feet. These people also carry a smile on their face which can be quite disturbing at times.

4. The crazy walk

My favorite of the lot. The whole body follows the Brownian phenomenon of random movement; an arm may move in one direction while the leg may move in a completely different one. This ensures that all the muscles of the body are getting ample exercise providing a very refreshing experience. However, it may give the appearance of a person who has lost all control over his / her mind and body.

Which category do you fall in? (I have intentionally left out the “normal walk”)