Monday, January 22, 2007

Going to office...

It’s been well over a year since I last wrote something for my blog. Now that I am once again unemployed and have very little to do, I can write some of my incoherent and pointless commentaries on life.

I remember that when I was little I wanted to become a scientist. There were a few of my mother’s old college books on our bookshelf and I happened to come across one called “Principles of Political Science” by R. N. Gilchrist. Wanting to become a scientist and having the enthusiasm to start early, I picked up the book and started reading, not knowing that political science wasn’t really the science I was looking for. Well, it didn’t really do much harm as I don’t remember going beyond the first page and even what I read probably didn’t register one bit. (For those of you who think that I was being really stupid, may I point out that I was very young… who am I kidding, my blog doesn’t have an audience… hahaa…)

Then came the time when I wanted to become a doctor. The reason that I remember was that I thought doctors were usually very rich and also that I could help some people. Then I took some biology classes and by the time my O’levels had ended, it was over. I think I would need to be at least twice as smart as I am right now to become a good doctor. My father always wanted me to become one, and I really didn’t want to disappoint him but I guess it wasn’t to be. If I could do it all over again, I would like to make a good attempt at it again. I have a lot of respect for doctors; they go through a lot during medical school and then after, during housejobs and what not, before they can actually call themselves doctors. And even when they have the doctor badge on their coats it’s not all that rosy for them, there is a lot of hard work and nightshifts involved. But in the end, I think they’ll get what they truly deserve. God bless them all.

Anyway, after the doctor phase had passed came the time when I wanted to do something in computer sciences. The inspiration came mostly from my elder brother and also from two of my cousins. I used to have an image of the computer guy as the cool dude with the pony tail hacking his way through the pentagon computers, or making cool computer games in a makeshift office while making it big at the same time. But as university passed, it became quite clear to me that I wouldn’t want to do this for the rest of my life.

So what is it that I want to do? That is the million dollar question. Sometimes I think that this isn’t really the way it happens in life. You try to get what you can and then hope it’s the thing you want to do. Sometimes I think that I take so many things for granted. I just hope that I don’t eventually do something that I regret later in life, having so many regrets already.

Ok so there is one thing… but I don’t think people take it too seriously. No, I don’t want to become a sensory deprivation research subject… I was thinking more on the lines of a sports writer / journalist (For those of you who don’t know, I have another blog called “theslogblog”… again I’m assuming that I have an audience). Now that is something I wouldn’t mind doing day in and day out. Imagine, to get paid just to watch cricket all day and then writing about it. That is my dream job.

I guess that’s why they call it a “dream” job. But then again, some dreams do come true…