Tuesday, September 20, 2005


blank, n. 1. an empty or featureless space. 2. a vacant or uneventful period.

I am, so it seems, suspended in a vacuum of nothingness living to the dark times of oblivion. But then again, everything is ‘blank’ before it becomes something. The ‘Mona Lisa’ was once a piece of blank canvas. The pyramids were nothing more than vast lands of ‘blank’ and uninteresting desert. And the most brilliant ideas usually come from a blank stare at the wall. Many philosophers including Locke and Aristotle believed the newborn human mind to be a ‘tabula rasa’ or a clean slate, with sense perception and everyday experiences filling it as years go by.

With so much time already gone, the blank space still appears to be as blank as ever. This void needs to be filled sooner rather than later before the canvas becomes stale and useless. There is hope, however, that one fine day nothing will remain of this nothingness but the sheer brilliance of van Gogh or the genius of da Vinci.